Life After Divorce



Invest in yourself…let's work together and begin working on your new life!


Dealing with divorce, separation or a breakup can be challenging and overwhelming at times.

If your feeling 

  • isolated
  • stressed all the time
  • lack of sleep
  • worry about everything and cant find answers 
  • no one to talk to
  • always having to make decision by yourself
  • or convinced yourself you're ok
  • or you don't need help
  • or I can do it myself


The hurt, heartache, pain, fear and so much more emotional setbacks prevents us from moving forward.

Some of the biggest fears are:

  • being alone
  • loosing friends
  • being a single parent
  • financial difficulties and so much more

It's important to get support after the breakup.

Personal coaching will help you in the decision making and avoid any pitfalls. 


Separation Agreement 

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to putting your separation agreement together. You don't know where to start. Your afraid of missing out important information.

I can help you get started on your agreement before you see a lawyer. Getting a clear vision on your needs, wants and requirements is important. It will help you make clear decisions and feel confident when discussing your personal issues and with the best interest for your children. 

In addition, it will help you save money


How it works:

  • We connect and have a conversation to determine if we are a good fit
  • Create a schedule 
  • Discuss a method of payment
  • Build a personalized coaching plan to fit your needs



Working together to gain results and get you focused on a new life. 

You will feel:   

  • A Sense of Belonging
  • Create a new mindset
  • Make new friends
  • Build your confidence
  • See results 
  • Believe in yourself and so much more


I'm not your regular coach, I stay connected with all my clients :

  • Monthly social events
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Ongoing articles
  • Free Workshops


Check out my Event Page for further details. 





     You don't have to go through it alone.

  It's time to take control of your life!

      Hiring a Coach  is an investment. Coaching clients is my passion not my  profession.







  Complimentary Session

For further details book a 30 min session.